A beautiful stained glass window can enhance any space. You might prefer a subdued traditional look, a wildly vibrant contemporary abstract, or a realistic natural scene. Your décor might call for a natural image of birds, flowers, or animals. You may choose an elaborate Victorian design or a quiet Craftsman look. Whatever your preference, there is a style and design that is just right for you.

Stained glass has traditionally been found in places of worship, but there are countless other uses for this fascinating medium. You can make a statement with a dramatic entryway, or provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter a bathroom. Create a room divider, showcase items in a cabinet, or add an elegant accent to a living room window. Use backlighting to dramatize a bar area, control the sun entering a room through high windows, or create an eye-catching sign for your business. Uses and designs for stained glass are limited only by our combined imaginations! We maintain an ever-changing inventory of finished pieces, ranging from suncatchers to larger panels, and we accept commissions of any size.

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